The Dialect of YOU: A Somatic Vocal Workshop for Performers

As performers, we bask in the glow of the Special Skills section of our resume: The things that really set us apart from the crowd! Maybe there are myriad dialects of languages, but when the character is stripped away, what is the Dialect of YOU?

One of the main ways we show up in the world and in our work is through the use of our VOICE. Our voice allows us to be both seen and heard as artists and as humans.

What does your voice feel like without character or mask? With the “veil of art” around it? When we truly know our own voice, our vocal vibrations can be used to effectively communicate a range of emotion, engagingly tell a story, and offload stress and anxiety — even min-audition or mid-performance! This course will reveal deeper connection to and awareness of the felt sense of voice and body, work with and through performance anxiety, and clear knowledge of your own unique voice in order to infuse more of the authentic YOU into your work and everyday life.

Leave invigorated with a deepened understanding of your unique voice in the world and the power to fully express it!