The Dragon Bowline and Other Useful Knots

Welcome to “The Dragon Bowline and Other Useful Knots” workshop, where Tyler will dive into the essential knots you need to know when working in the dynamic field of theatrical rigging. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, mastering these knots is crucial for ensuring safety, efficiency, and precision in your work.

In this hands-on session, we’ll demystify the art of knot tying, starting with the iconic Bowline. But why stop there? We’ll also explore variations of this versatile knot, giving you a comprehensive toolkit to tackle any rigging challenge with confidence. From the reliable Clove Hitch to the practical Two-Half Hitches, we’ll cover a range of knots that are essential for any stagehand’s repertoire.

But that’s not all – this workshop isn’t just about the basics. We’ll also delve into cool and useful variations on some of the most regularly used knots. Ever wondered how to tie a secure Figure 8 Knot with a twist? Or perhaps you’re curious about innovative adaptations of the Stagehand-Timber Hitch. Whatever your knot-tying aspirations may be, this workshop has you covered.

Through step-by-step instruction, you’ll learn not only how to tie these knots but also when and where to use them effectively. Whether you’re rigging lights, securing scenery, or setting up stage props, mastering these knots will streamline your workflow and ensure the safety of everyone involved in the production.

So, join us for an engaging and practical workshop that will equip you with the knot-tying skills you need to excel in the field of theatrical rigging. Get ready to tie, practice, and perfect your knots alongside fellow enthusiasts, and unlock a whole new level of confidence in your craft.