Anatomy of a Song: Breaking Down “Shadowland” from The Lion King

As a former performer in the national tour of The Lion King, Chanté brings firsthand experience and insider insights into the complexity of learning and performing this iconic song.

In this captivating session, Chanté will take you on a journey as she breaks down the intricacies of “Shadowland,” one of the most poignant and powerful songs from The Lion King. Drawing from her own experiences portraying Queen Sarabi, Chanté will dissect the song, unraveling its emotional depth and technical challenges.

Through engaging discussion, personal anecdotes, and vocal demonstrations, Chanté will explore the process of mastering “Shadowland.” From navigating the intricate melodies to conveying the song’s rich narrative through vocal expression and body language, Chanté will offer invaluable insights into the art of performance.

Get ready to gain a newfound appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship behind this timeless masterpiece, and unlock the secrets to bringing its magic to life on stage.