Ellen and Carrie of Smashup Somatics, LLC

Ellen Garavatti & Carrie Hennessey

Ellen Garavatti & Carrie Hennessey

Smashup Somatics

Ellen and Carrie of Smashup Somatics, LLC

We’re thrilled to announce that Smashup Somatics will be joining us at Midwest Theatrefest in Minneapolis, MN this September!

Join us for a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of performance and mental wellness with Smashup Somatics, experts in supporting performers dealing with stage fright and vocal trauma. Led by experienced practitioners, their approach focuses on gentle, yet effective techniques to help performers overcome barriers and shine on stage.

Discover practical tools and insights to enhance your performance and cultivate a sense of well-being in a supportive environment. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or just starting out, Smashup Somatics offers something for everyone.

Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from the best at Midwest Theatrefest 2024. Mark your calendars and join us in Minneapolis for an enriching experience with Smashup Somatics!

About Smashup Somatics

Vocalist Carrie Hennessey

Carrie Hennessey is a voice whisperer, merging spiritual depth and technical prowess in her work. After overcoming personal trauma, she rekindled her passion for singing, embarking on a diverse journey across theater, opera, symphony, and education. Embracing roles as a trauma-informed educator, singer, actor, and writer, she’s known for her compelling voice and dynamic onstage characters. Her 2023/24 season is packed with performances, from Poulenc’s La Voix Humaine to Gershwin’s Rhapsody with Spectrum Brass, alongside a mix of recitals, master classes, and her one-woman show “How did I even get here?”, exploring her eclectic career path.
Hennessey’s ability to connect with audiences shines, especially in her classical cabaret, sparking shouts and cheers for its authenticity. Northern Californians, keep an eye out! She’s had standout moments, like her debut as Kát’á in Kát’á Kabanová, praised for her “silvery tone” by the San Francisco Chronicle, and as Blanche Du Bois in A Streetcar Named Desire, where she deeply resonated with audiences. Other notable roles include Estelle in The Stronger and Elle in La Voix Humaine, showcasing her range from drama to comedy, such as in the ballet “On the Rocks, Please!”. With performances from Budapest to Bratislava and beyond, Carrie Hennessey brings laughter, tears, and joy wherever she goes.

Licensed Therapist Ellen Garavatti

Ellen Garavatti is a compassionate and curious traveler of the human experience, and advocate of thorough connection to self and others. As a Co-Founder & Co-Facilitator of SmashUp Somatics, LLC, and Founder & Psychotherapist of ConnEqtion Marriage and Family Therapy, Inc., she has relished in the joy of walking (often laughing and dancing, too) alongside folks who are courageously stretching their pre-conceived confines of relating to themselves and others. With SmashUp Somatics, Ellen enjoys co-designing curriculum with her collaborator and dear friend Carrie, bringing a lens of interpersonal neurobiology into activities for integration and growth, as well as creating and arranging visual invitations for the program and playshops. Ellen holds a Master’s in Counseling, and certifications in Brainspotting and Emotionally Focused Therapy, and is in-progress with her Level 1 certification in Equusoma: Horse-Human Trauma Recovery. Each of these models are classified as Experiential Models of Psychotherapy. Deeply inspired by the growth and healing through nature, animals, imagination, creativity, and relationships, Ellen is committed to bringing these avenues to the forefront of our wellness, both as individuals and a community. (CA LMFT #140938)